You get what you want and what you need – not what we’re trying to sell.

It’s always a buyer’s market at Foresight Golf Management. Unlike the retail world, we’re not in the business of running inventory close-outs, specials and other tricks-and-traps to get you to buy something you may or may not need. We’re here always to provide you with whatever services we offer that will truly augment your golf operation.

We offer you a menu of services.

Whether you are considering using our full array of our services, or to choose only the services that are not your core strength - our team will help you get your golf operation headed in the right direction. Our primary services include:

Golf Course Maintenance & Turf Care

We know golf course turf management from the ground up.

Simply put, Foresight has more experience and technical expertise in golf course maintenance than any other management company. Ed Miller has been responsible for golf course maintenance and operations at the best golf courses in the country. Foresight brings this level of quality and experience to golf course conditioning for the daily fee market. Miller graduated from the famed Turfgrass Management Program at Penn State with Highest Distinction.

Our core belief lies in sound, practical agronomic programs, crafted with operational efficiencies to achieve superior results.

We believe that the key to our success was — and is — that we get more results-per-dollar-invested than any organization in the business. We understand every facet of golf course maintenance, negotiating skills, solid planning and making business decisions based on our knowledge and experience.

Golf Course Operation (Entire Property)

When all is said and done, it’s still about the golf.

Foresight Golf Management has a fundamental belief that even the most discerning customer is looking for an exceptional golfing experience at an outstanding value. Always has been this way; always will be this way.

Building upon great golf course conditioning with unparalleled customer service is our recipe for success.

We at Foresight Golf Management know course conditioning because our people have experience at Top 100 golf courses for Major Championships and PGA Tour events. We know customer service because we have been operators of the finest resort properties in the world.

Our goal is to provide the best-conditioned golf course with impeccable customer service in each market segment.

Our executive and management teams are competitive by nature and seek to provide the best value in whatever market segment our properties compete. We strive on a daily basis to provide a better experience to our golfers. Your golfers.

Employee Management (HR)

Taking care of the people who are taking care of your customers.

In the golf business, probably more than in any other, the person with seemingly the simplest of jobs is vital to the experience the customer has. From being greeted at the car or when you walk through the door, every employee has the potential to make an average day at the golf course great or horrible.

At Foresight Golf, we've spent years developing standard operating procedures and policies that each of our courses and employees are responsible for knowing, implementing and following.

We want each golfer to have the best experience possible and know that if they're selecting to play a Foresight course, they'll be assured of a top-flight, enjoyable experience every time out.

Retail Management

Taking the guesswork out of sales.

Foresight recognizes the specialized nature of golf retail sales and merchandising.

Foresight has a dedicated Retail Manager solely responsible for selecting and ordering merchandise that sells in each market.

Our retail manager Lacy Taylor also pools the collective buying power of all of the Foresight properties to get the most advantageous volume pricing and terms. On an ongoing basis, our retail manager provides sales training to all golf shop personnel and assists with inventory analysis and adjustment. All of these efforts lead to better sales, lower cost of goods sold and maximum profitability in retail.

Accounting & Payroll

We make the most our time – and your money.

The golf industry continues to feature unique challenges in a less-than-robust economy, when all leisure dollars spent get additional scrutiny. That’s not only the dollars consumers spend, but what you spend operating your business.

Foresight Golf Management always has and always will apply sound business practices — along with personal integrity — in dealing with all of its properties.

The financial reports we generate under the supervision of Nina Bueche and use to operate enable us to analyze business trends and to make real time adjustments to strategies based upon specific market conditions. Our partners appreciate our transparent financial reporting processes that are tailored to meet, even exceed, your individualized needs.

Food & Beverage Operations

Keep the cookie cutter in the kitchen!

There’s a time and a place to use a cookie cutter. That place is in the kitchen, not in your food and beverage strategy. All too often, golf properties try to transform food and beverage operations into something they're not and, in the process, lose effectiveness and revenue.

The fundamental strategy of all the Foresight Golf Management food and beverage operations is to identify correctly what the food and beverage needs of the property are and to then meet them in a manner that creates both satisfied customers and profitable operations.

Foresight Golf looks at each client’s food and beverage operation individually, then tailors menus and service to the property — and its customers’ needs. Whether it's the most simple and uncomplicated, on-course beverage and snack service or the proper handling of a corporate meeting, golf banquet or wedding, Foresight Golf knows how to staff, equip and prepare for any and all events and to turn new customers into repeat customers.


Teamwork is crucial to our marketing success.

Having the best product is a great start. Being able to promote this product in the marketplace is paramount to increasing golf sales and revenues.

Our in-house marketing team has been very successful at capitalizing on opportunities and reacting to them in a timely fashion to maximize our exposure in a cost effective manner.

We constantly monitor market conditions and pro-actively utilize a combination of television/cable/satellite, radio, website and print media to promote and advertise each property.

We've cultivated the expertise and experience to communicate effectively with our Patrons.

We use insight, experience, execution, measurability, and results unmatched in the golf, resort, real estate and travel industries. This gives us a decided industry advantage in giving you the best in lead generation and sales processes — time tested and verifiable. And yet, we in the hospitality industry admittedly realize that word-of-mouth from satisfied golfers, accolades from golf publications and surveys continues to be a stalwart of our market recognition.

Project Management

You’ll want someone on your side, in your corner, listening to your concerns. That’s us.

The project manager in the golf industry plays a key role between the course owner(s) and how they deal with the construction companies, architects, irrigation company, etc.

When we play the role of Project Manager, we are your voice.

We become your go-between, your liaison, your voice. Quite often, various contractors work together on yours and several other projects. The work is so specialized you cannot be expected to know how all of the contractors work together to accomplish the tasks at hand. They may or may not have your best interest at heart. They know your golf course is a “one of” project. The golf course owner needs representation in the construction scenario. The role of Foresight Golf Management is as a highly-specialized general contractor looking out for the best interests of the golf course owner.

“Let’s take it a step further.”
- Dan Pedrotti, President

We look at our role as Project Manager as our entrée’ into playing a larger, longer-lasting role in the operation of your golf course. We’d love to prove ourselves to you in the PM phase, and earn the right to continue our working relationship going forward. We can offer you our entire array of services – or we can get you to your Opening Day and part ways. Either way, you always get the very best efforts from the Foresight Golf team of experts.

“I speak on behalf of YOU -- the golf course owner(s). I’ve worked on all types of golf courses: municipal, daily fee, resort, private. From building our own golf courses, to supervising multi-million dollar renovations at resort courses, we have experience in all phases of the golf course build-to-operate. Call me.”
- Ed Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Real Estate Development

Let Foresight Golf Management handle your Real Estate needs from the ground up.

Lead by MIT grad and President Dan Pedrotti, we are eminently qualified to assist you in any and all of your Real Estate needs here at Foresight Golf Management. Without turning it into a trite marketing mantra, our name is Foresight and foresight is one of the key components that we bring to the negotiating table for our clients. Before the first tee shot is lofted onto your well-manicured fairway, Real Estate comes into play in your plans. We can assist you with every facet of the Real Estate realm, including:

  • Secure land
  • Land plans
  • Entitlements
  • Utility installation
  • Platting
  • Subdivisions
  • Streets
  • Marketing of individual lots

We do real estate development in and out of golf. Let us be the Foresight you need  in your path to success.